Friday, November 19, 2010

Begin your Right Food Habits at Home

How often has your kid suggested that you pick a box of cereals instead of chocolates at the grocery store? Chances are, may be not even once. Then it is time, you start to show a new approach toward healthy eating habits and make it sound like good fun.
Below are some of the easy and effective methods that can help you in getting your kid begin his/her healthy alternatives over candies and chips

1) Be A Role Model: Do not fret over food and make a remark that you are putting on weight because of the meals. Kids do as you do. So, lead by example. Choose nutritious snacks, eat at the dining table, and don't skip meals.

2) Involve Your Child: From the foods you offer, kids get to choose what they will eat or whether to eat at all. Try to involve your kids when you choosing which fruits to get home. Kids like to feel important in home matters. You can tell them to decide on a weekly menu too.

3) Start Them Young: Everybody's fussy about food. Not just kids even adults. But it is good to know that food preferences are developed early in life, so you can start by offering variety. You may need to serve a new food on several different occasions for a child to accept it. Don't force a child to eat, but offer a few bites.

4) Don't Reward With Food: Food is not love. When foods are used to reward kids and show affection, they may start using food to cope with stress or other emotions. Offer hugs, praise, and attention instead of food treats.

5) Get Active: Limit TV and computer time. With that, you can restrict mindless snacking and encourage activity. Limiting 'screen time' means you'll have more time to be active together.

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