Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Party Diet Tips

With the wedding season going on and all the parties that follow, it can be tough to keep a check on your diet and keep looking good. The various cocktail parties and dinners can make you over-indulge and drink in excess. 

Below are some simple ways to enjoy the partying and stay on top:
1) Check your portions 
Some people think they cannot make most of a party and maintain their figure. You should definitely eat the foods you love, but eat smaller amounts. It is when you go back for second helpings that the calories pile on. Remember, there’s no need to completely starve yourself. 

2) Drink worthy 
If your friend is celebrating his/her engagement or it’s someone’s birthday, you can’t miss the toast. Alcoholic drinks are full of empty calories. Try to stick to light beers and avoid all those fancy cocktails like margaritas and pina coladas that are laden in sugar. Keep sipping on water in between to keep yourself well-hydrated. 

3) Morning after 
Starting the day with a glass of warm water and lemon followed by a bowl of porridge, will help. Try drinking fresh fruit juice. Make sure you snack on healthy foods like almonds, and fruits during the day. 

4) Retain the glow 
All those late nights, excessive make-up, chemically-treated hair can take a toll on your looks. Spend time removing all your make-up before sleeping. Use a moisturising mask for the face and get a hair spa done. 

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