Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How to Avoid Workout Injuries?

Injuries are a common phenomenon during workouts.The basic motive to have a successful workout is to make it safe and fun. While you want to grab the maximum benefits out of your workout, there are certain factors, which you need to consider in order to remain careful and consistent with a healthy and happy fitness regime. Below are certain tips on how to avoid injuries during workout:

- Make sure to visit a doctor and get a fitness test prior to the beginning of a new fitness regime.
- Keep the enthusiasm levels low in the beginning and gradually increase the time and intensity of your exercises.
- A personal trainer will help you get the right moves and workout safely.
- A warm-up before you begin is a must as it will help you prevent injuries. A good jog or run could also be a great warm-up.
- Avoid exercising on an empty stomach, a meal two hours prior is a must.
- It is essential to be hydrated during a workout as it will replace loss of fluid.
- Don’t ignore minor pains, these could be the first steps towards a major injury.
- It is important to take adequate rest in between workouts to keep your immunity levels strong.

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