Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kids Tend to Eat Attractive Looking Fruits More

Although, McDonalds have figured it out already, yet the fact got confirmed by a recent scientific research work, which got published in the journal "Appetite" that surveyed around 100 kids at Netherlands and Belgium. The study after the survey concluded that, in order to make your kids eat more fruits, you need to make the fruits look good. In the survey, children ranging from the age of four to seven were given apples, strawberries and seedless grapes in distinct ways.
When asked for a choice, the children plumped on these fruits more readily, when they were made into a hedgehog - skewered with colorful cocktail sticks that were pierced into a watermelon. However, the same cubed fruits didn't lure the children’s palates, when they were just offered on a white dish.
The research discovered that kids ate nearly twice as much of the 'fun' fruit, even though they said they understood that both fruit options should taste the same. Attractive packaging and perhaps adding a little toy, like the toy that comes with a Happy Meal, to the packaging could make this kind of snack even more appealing.
Hence, it is probably essential for parents and food producers to remain innovative. Also, it is advisable to try to make food as appetizing as possible, as how the food looks, probably does have quite an influence, especially for kids who are getting used to different types of food, as they grow up!

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