Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Slimming soybeans - To Reduce Fat Accumulation

A researcher at the University of Illinois has revealed that slimming soybeans could be on the anvil. Elvira de Mejia’s research offers an insight into the way a particular kind of soy protein can inhibit fat accumulation and reduce inflammation.

"We found that soybeans rich in beta-conglycinins limit lipid accumulation in fat cells by inhibiting an enzyme called fatty acid synthase. What’s more, we have identified the specific peptides (digested proteins) that do this, and we are now beginning to understand the mechanism behind it. This is exciting research because it could lead to the development of nutraceuticals to fight obesity," said de Mejia, a U of I associate professor of food science and human nutrition.

The study was also the foremost to exhibit the anti-inflammatory attributes of soy, high in this type of protein. "The peptides fight inflammation by blocking key enzymes in the body’s immune response," said the scientist.

de' Mejia further added that soy contains, among others, two types of protein, glycinins and beta-conglycinins, and the most substantial factor influencing a soy cultivar’s healthful advantages is the proportion in which they come up in. Her study displays that soy, which is low in glycinins and high in beta-conglycinins can be recommended for its capability to inhibit lipid accumulation and inflammation.

"Using the latest molecular marker-assisted breeding techniques, soybeans with the right composition can be tagged and later identified using a simple leaf tissue sample. This would make it possible to create high-yielding cultivators that contained the ‘slimming’ trait for soybean farmers to grow in their fields," she said.

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